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Terms and Conditions

Cancelations, non-refundable booking fees and no shows

We hope you respect our terms and conditions and understand why small businesses have this in place.

We have a 48-hour cancelation policy, if you don’t show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice you will be liable to pay a 50% charge of what your appointment cost was.

You will be expected to pay this before you book any future appointments.

If you do not show up to your appointment and do not call the salon 3 times you may be removed from our booking system.

If you give us consent to reminder emails and txt messages, you will receive a booking confirmation then a reminder 48 hours before your appointment.


To book an appointment we take a 50% deposit for all hair extension fittings and colours and any long appointments.

 When ordering new hair extensions in we require full cost of the price of the hair, as well as a 50% deposit for fitting.

Any appointments not attended or cancelled less than 48 hours, will result in you loosing your 50% booking deposit.


Please let us know if your going to be late for your appointment. We understand that this can happen, and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are too late and miss your appointment, we will have to apply to the no show terms and conditions.


For all new colour and tint clients, we need to carry out a patch/sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Complaints and Feedback

We love to hear your feedback to help us improve our services.

It’s our priority that you are completely satisfied with the service you receive from us.

As a professional hair salon its our aim to deliver a high standard of work and make sure you well looked after from the start of you experience with us to the end.

Complaints are very rare but are taken very seriously, therefore we have a complaints procedure we follow in this event, we take on board and learn from any complaints made, to improve and review our services and customer care for the future.

If you are not happy with the service you receive, please tell a member of staff before you leave the salon, or as soon as possible once you have left. We will listen to the problems you have experienced and ask any necessary questions to try understanding your complaint fully. We may invite you back to the salon if necessary so we can chat in person, and have a look at the problem if that’s the issue? This will mean we can offer you the correct follow up services to rectify the complaint and move forward.  Depending on the issues will depend on the outcome of the resolving the problem, our complaints are dealt with promptly and we aim to resolve any complaints within 8 weeks.

If you leave the salon and don’t report the problem to us, then go to another salon to alter your service/treatment, this will mean we will not be able to rectify any problems and will be unable to offer any sort of resolution.

If you have a complaint, please contact…

Salon owner - Rachel Robinson


Phone Number- 01522 530900

Salon address- Total FX Academy

46 clasketgate, Lincoln, ln21jz

Our complaints are taken very seriously and are fully investigated, you will receive a response within 48 hours once the complaint has been received.

Property loss or Damage

It is your responsibility as the owner, to take care of any property you bring into the salon.

We do not take any responsibility for any property which is lost or damaged, unless its by a member of staff due to carelessness.

Anything left in the salon will be held up to 8 weeks in lost property, we will do our best to contact you to retrieve your property.

GPDR DATA Protection Policy

 Total fx Academy is collecting client information and data on all Paper client consultation forms and our online booking system called shedul, this will contain all client’s information including all service and product records, phone numbers, address, email, your attendance, photos, copies of any medical letters/notes. We collect this Information so that we can safely preform your treatment and to be able to contact you with regards to appointments. We need to store this data to comply with the Salon’s Public and Product liability insurance and to be able to safely continue treatments and keep records of all products used should any issues/allergies / problems arise. This information is stored in a secure location where only staff that work within the salon have access to, all information on our shedul booking system is stored on a secure computer with private passwords, we will not share any client information with any third parties. You can request to see a copy of this data by writing to .
When taking card payments Total Fx uses spire payments where we will keep a copy of the receipt which holds the last 4 digits of your card, the data is collected so that the Owner can complete accounts accordingly for HMRC. This data is not shared with any third parties and is stored in a secure place only trained staff have access to.
The Necessary data must be stored for 7 years to comply with my legal obligations, this will be reviewed on a yearly basis where you can opt out, if you choose to opt out the data must be kept on file for insurance/account purposes. You can opt out at any time by contacting the salon in writing on .

01522 530900

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